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Our Latest Reviews

Jjh1829 10 days ago

Hibachi Filet Mignon

super good perfect for take out dinner

Raylene 10 days ago

Hibachi Shrimp

my favorite menu item! must try.

Raylene 10 days ago

Filet Mignon And Lobster

great food and a great time. I've had the filet mignon, lobster, hibachi shrimp, teriyaki chicken and various types of sushi and none of it has ever disappointed! i love o-sabi!

Charis 16 days ago

Filet Mignon And Teriyaki Chicken Or Calamari

To die for. So tender. So Flavorful

Charis 16 days ago

Hibachi Salmon Or Teriyaki Salmon

Cooked perfectly. Period.

Charis 16 days ago

Hibachi New York Steak

So so soooo yummy. All the chefs are great, very entertaining and delicious food and drinks

Joelene 27 days ago

Filet Mignon And Shrimp Or Salmon

The best Teppan Around! Great food, great customer service and great atmosphere! Its always a good time

Citlali about 1 month ago

Hibachi Shrimp

Best hibachi shrimp, every time! Never over-cooked.

Dcilla87 about 1 month ago

Lobster And Filet Mignon

I have been here numerous times for birthdays, holidays and just because! Every single time has been amazing! The food (so bomb), the service and setting is perfect. This is such a nice place to bring family and friends. The cooks are fun and humorous! There's nothing better than laughing and eating great food with people you love! I will continue to come here for many years to come!

Plovato about 2 months ago

Hibachi New York Steak

The food was amazing as always. I have never had a bad meal. our chef was very entertaining and funny. We got there at 5:30 - 6 ish on a Friday night. we were seated right away. everyone was friendly. the restrooms were spotless. we are going back for valentines day. I love this place. oh an since we got there for the sunset special my dinner was only $21 and they gave me so much food I had 2 meals left over. its a great place.

Eaberrysweet 2 months ago

Hibachi New York Steak

Great food and service

Lavon 2 months ago

Filet Mignon And Halibut

Everything...sushi, teppan lobster, scallops steak. its all fantastic.

Kaylakittleson87 3 months ago

Caterpillar Roll

One of my favorite

Caitlin 3 months ago

Hibachi Vegtable With Tofu

Simple but Fresh and Filling. They offer to make it first, before they cook any meat, to avoid "cross contamination", if that matters to you.

Jvelazquez 4 months ago

Hibachi Shrimp And Scallop

This is always my go-to.

Regina 4 months ago

Green Monster

My favorite roll in Ventura county. I love the Teppan dinner. The kids always have so much fun, the Cooks are amazing to watch. This is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is always delicious.

Karleen 4 months ago

Chicken Teriyaki

I love getting the teriyaki chicken and steak burn getting in spicy! It is the best flavor! The courtesy from the waitstaff and the front desk/check in staff are always so helpful!

Hannahcohen89 4 months ago

Hibachi Shrimp And Scallop

Love the O-Sabi experience from start to finish. From the salad and onion soup, to the fried rice with white sauce and the entree. The staff is friendly and entertaining.

Shaeley 4 months ago

Filet Mignon And Lobster

THE BEST OF THE BEST RESTAURANT OUT THERE 😍 I get a few different dishes every time this is my favorite restaurant in the world. I live over a hour and half away I like in Palmdale and I drive there almost 1-2 times a month and try to take new friends to taste ! Decent prices and amazing food I'm actually going there tomorrow 😍 I wish they would open I restaurant I'm Santa Clarita or Palmdale !!

Aulama 5 months ago

Teriyaki Steak

Food was very good brought my wife for her birthday and she wants to have it every year now! Thank you!!

Raylene 10 days ago

New York Steak And Lobster

the best!!! try it with the white sauce. so gooood.

Raylene 10 days ago

O-Sabi House Salad

the best salad ever! so refreshing and delicious.

Charis 16 days ago

Filet Mignon And Shrimp Or Salmon

So so good. So tender and so flavorful

Charis 16 days ago

Teriyaki Chicken And Teriyaki Steak

So delicious. I'd recommend it forsure

Charis 16 days ago

Teriyaki Steak

So good. I love it dipped in the white sauce they have. I would eat here like every day if I could

Missdanibradley 24 days ago

Filet Mignon And Shrimp Or Salmon

O-sabi is always great! high quality food and consistency. it's my go to place for birthday dinners and special occasions. Their service is top notch.

Resurreccion 29 days ago

White Dragon Roll

Best japanese restaurant i have been at. Quality of the food is amazing and the service was very friendly! Recommend going 100%

13bigbreezy about 1 month ago

Filet Mignon, Shrimp And Scallop

This has been my favorite for years! Every birthday or holiday I try to make it down to Osabi so I can get my hands on the filet mignon, shrimp, and scallops. Always cooked to perfection and seasoned so well. I really can't think of a better meal.

Serenekthomas about 2 months ago

Filet Mignon And Scallop Or Mahi-Mahi

I've been to this restaurant four times & it just a fun experience! The people & the setting is so much fun! I've had many of their appetizers, entrees, as well as desserts & it's always well worth it! My husband & I are going this year for Valentine's Day :D

Bluemongoose01 2 months ago

Assorted Sushi

Honestly one of me and my girlfriends favorite place! We come her for a lot of birthday dinner between friends and family! I'll be there for my birthday this month of January actually! The staff is very helpful and attentive when u walk in and are alway excellent in service! So if your looking to celebrate an event this is the spot!

Vcoe 2 months ago

Hibachi Shrimp

The shrimp is delightful, above all else. Though the fried rice is a delicious pair. Our server even had us make a well in the rice so that he could pour some of the cream sauce in the rice. It was fantastic. I always love the veggies and the salad that comes out before the entree has such a tasty dressing! Not to mention, you have plenty of food to have leftovers for lunch the next day!

Kaylakittleson87 3 months ago

Philadelphia Roll

Love this roll

Krystalmolina 3 months ago

Double Shrimp Roll


Lm0890 4 months ago

Hibachi Shrimp And Scallop

I love Teppan! ''This is our families' celebration spot!

Coffelover8895 4 months ago

O-Sabi House Salad

The osabi house salad is the best salad I've ever had. The best part of the meal. The dressing really just seals the deal. The dressing is my favorite. Super happy they sell it on the side but by far one of my favorite places to eat and enjoy a nice fresh green salad before the the meal ❤️.!

Aubrey1313 4 months ago

Caterpillar Roll

Super yummy! Everything we had was awesome. This was our favorite! Can't wait to go back!!

Courtneyr54 4 months ago

Teppan Shrimp


Mvillacis 4 months ago

Hibachi Shrimp

My dad always took us to Kampai and then Osabi once it opened and we have been coming ever since. I love the food. My dad just passed away a month and a half ago and our cook said he had just seen my dad in there about two weeks before he passed away. I'm happy to know he got to go one last time. The food is awesome and I love their salad dressing.

Ekreig1 5 months ago

Hibachi Shrimp

Amazing as always! Tender shrimp bursting with flavor, hot off the grill! Fried rice is the best

Faithslough 5 months ago

Hibachi New York Steak

O-sabi is the best hibachi place around! Every time I come I get the New York steak and shrimp hibachi meal and I've never even come close to being disappointed. The food is delicious and the service is amazing. We just recently moved to Washington and every time we come back to visit home o-sabi is one of our first stops. It's the best!


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